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Roots (2011) by Danimal Cannon

intro - 1:04
Roots - 4:54
Forest Gnome Shindig - 4:39
Polywrath - 4:46
Agrobacter - 2:57
Danimal Across America - 3:26
A New Day - 3:15
The Big Crunch - 3:31
Synergy (ft. Paul Wardingham, Shnabubula, and Tony Dickinson) - 6:02
Good Journey (Don’t Say Goodbye) - 3:32
Blueshift - 4:19
Jean Luc - 4:04
Gorelax - 4:31
Spacewalk - 4:29
Beethoven — Moonlight Sonata - 6:06
She Will Be Remembered - 4:05
Danimal Across America (IRL Mix) - 3:26

"Roots" is the debut solo album by American musician Danimal Cannon. This album is a mixure of chiptune (made with a Gameboy) and Progressive Metal.

I don’t usually make the 8bit music reviews here, but this album really caught my attention. I like chiptune, but I am not used to listen to whole albums of this genre, and I prefer when the chiptune is mixed with organic elements. Well, in “Roots”, there are few moments when the organic instruments show up, but I did like a lot the chiptune alone - the sounds are pleasant and the tracks are very well composed.

And this compositions show that you can have heavy metal music without the guitars at all - the distorted and low resolution sounds of the Gameboy can be just as calm or aggressive as the composer wants them to be. And this composer knows what we want, exploring the chiptune in ways that I seldom listened too before (but remember that I am not a chiptune expert).

This album was a great surprise for me, and it is worth listening, even for those who can’t stand “video game sounds”.

Rating: 8.5/10

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